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Specialist Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery Cleaning ServiceProfessional Cleaning For Your Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning service serving the Kettering,Corby, Oundle, Rushden, Thrapston and Wellingborough areas.

If you thought all carpets cleaners were qualified to clean upholstery you’d be wrong, Claremont Upholstery have been cleaning upholstery for over 20 years and that’s why our approach to upholstery cleaning may be slightly different to some of our competitors.

One of our methods allows us to wet clean upholstery using the minimum amount of water, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) reducing the risks of shrinkage and lengthy drying times, whilst also offering several alternatives to wet cleaning such as on site dry solvent cleaning, for water-sensitive ‘dry clean’ only fine fabrics and drapery and also rapid dry, low moisture foam cleaning, best suited to commercial seating – offices, hotels, cinemas and theatres.

These cleaning methods are suitable for both domestic and commercial upholstery as well as fabric vehicle upholstery.

Cleaning leather upholstery requires a completely different approach to cleaning fabrics. We can safely clean leather upholstery seats found in the car as well as the home.

Our cleaning methods will leave leather clean, supple and residue free to help avoid re-soiling. Your suites, sofas, settees, armchairs, chairs, chaise lounges, pouffe, foot stools, curtains and drapery all require regular vacuuming and spot cleaning – we recommend upholstery within the home is cleaned every 12 months.

We can achieve excellent results to restore, condition and protect your furniture. Fabric, much like a carpet, traps dust and dirt. It also attracts dye from clothes and ink from newspapers, not to mention food and drink, pet hairs, fleas and bacteria from pets and bodily fluids. It is very important to keep upholstery clean, especially if children or pets share furniture.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Service

Claremont Upholstery delivers a specialist leather upholstery cleaning service in and around Kettering.

Most leather sofas and chairs can be successfully cleaned to a high standard using our state of the art tools and machinery to ensure your leather upholstery is left clean, fresh, supple and residue free to help avoid re-soiling.

We can restore the life back to leather seating, taking years off valuable leather couches and chairs, removing built-up grime and oil based staining that can often accumulate on leather upholstered furniture.

Cleaning leather upholstery requires a completely different approach to cleaning fabrics such as carpet cleaning. We can safely clean leather upholstery seats found in the car as well as the home.

Note that some specific types of leather furniture will not be ‘wet cleanable‘ and will require specialist attention.

Our leather upholstery cleaning process explained:

Only once we are confident the leather upholstery can be cleaned to a satisfactory condition will we start our cleaning process.

Leather inspected.
A thorough vacuum is carried out.
Specialist leather cleaners are carefully applied.
Brush agitation works the cleaner deep into the grain.
Soils removed.
Leather is towel dried.
Optional leather protector applied to restore suppleness.
Upholstery cleaning without using soaps or detergents!
Another one of our amazing upholstery cleaning results is by using natural ingredients, detergent free rug cleaning! There are many benefits from cleaning with “bio friendly” cleaning agents, first of all the ingredients are mostly plant-based which means the source ingredients are renewable and more importantly safe to humans and animals. You can find out the latest cleaning industry news here

Some people suffer from skin allergies especially with washing powders, enzymes can also cause skin irritation and even respiratory problems.

It’s good to know we have a safe and effective solution when it comes to upholstery cleaning!